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About Monikah

Ranked in the Inc 500 list of fastest growing private companies, Dr. Monikah Ogando has created a dynamic business coaching and leadership development firm. She is an Executive Leadership Coach, Business Mentor, and Consultant, currently working with Women Leaders building dynamic purpose-driven companies and larger progressive values-based organizations on a mission to create change in the world.

Since her beginnings as a financial planner, Monikah has fast become a foremost authority in building sustainable, leveraged and profitable businesses. Success has seen Monikah and her coaching profiled in such prestigious publications as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, U.S. News and Money, The Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald. Her business building advice has been featured in business and leadership books, and she is the author of “On Fire: Seven Strategies to Ignite Your Business and Light Up Your Life” and “Sacred Commerce”. She holds two doctorate degrees, in Comparative Religions and Organizational Psychology, from the University of Sedona.

Dr. Monikah has also developed “Time to Thrive”, an innovative workplace wellness program that is helping Fortune 500 companies like the one she worked for inspire, educate and empower their employees to grow as leaders through personal mastery, work-life balance, and cultivating a spirit of collaboration at work and home. Through a combination of a flexible distance learning curriculum, time saving tools, experiential learning events, and highly personalized one on one coaching for employees, she and her team are helping their clients transform employee well being with unparalleled warmth and engagement.

Monikah’s authoritative and fascinating business building insights are big draws in Fortune 500 boardrooms and speaking stages all over the world as business owners seek her expertise. Monikah also hosts entrepreneurial events that change lives and transform businesses, and her workshops are unlike any other seminars on the planet. Her work is deeply informed by three parallel paths: the trenches of business, her rigorous academic studies in psychology and comparative religion, and her own journey to develop a work-life she loves.

While Monikah is best known for her expertise in marketing, business building and leadership, her clients and students share that her biggest impact comes from her philosophy of “build your business to support your extraordinary life” – ensuring your business revolves around your own personal values, lifestyles and legacy. This, Monikah says, is the most important key to bringing business owners their ultimate wealth and happiness.

Outside of work and family, she enjoys traveling the world, athletic pursuits (ask about her mud runs!), discovering a good book, bright sunny days, and spending time with dear friends.


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