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All successful entrepreneurs leverage a coach or mastermind in their business planning and operations. Monikah herself credits her numerous coaches and mentors for assisting her in her business and personal growth throughout her career, and enjoys extending the same opportunity to you.

Working with Monikah gives you the rare chance to be personally mentored by a truly dynamic business owner, whose track record attests she has a knack for turning average solo-preneur businesses into multiple income stream goldmines.

As Monikah’s schedule has become more demanding, her coaching availability has become more scarce and she is gradually reducing her offerings. However, these solid programs are in place for 2013:

The CEO Mastery Inner Circle

This entry level of membership is a great way to have ongoing access to Monikah at an affordable rate. Enjoy monthly group calls with Monikah, crafting your own business explosion blueprint and discussing topics designed to move your life and business forward. You will receive online digital audio recordings and transcripts of each call as well.

You’ve asked to gain direct access to Monikah’s expertise and network of hand-picked experts in business building strategies, accountability, and her signature no non-sense, tough love coaching style. It’s all here now.

To join Dr. Monikah’s Inner Circle today, schedule your complimentary call now – and you can be on her very next Inner Circle session!

Platinum Level Coaching

The Platinum Tier is designed for driven business owners and start-up entrepreneurs that are ready to move away from dollars-for-hours and toward a more systemized revenue model. The Platinum curriculum is delivered both via live in-person meetings and via phone/video conferences, featuring detailed, one-on-one private coaching with Monikah.

Monikah’s Platinum tier is limited to a group of 14 entrepreneurs that are ready to propel forward at a highly accelerated pace. This transformational coaching is not for the faint of heart nor for the entrepreneur that hasn’t mastered business basics. Annual Platinum membership is $18,000, with affordable and flexible payment plans available. Find out more about joining this elite group of successful entrepreneurs by scheduling a complimentary Decision Session.

Private Consulting with Monikah Ogando

For those who desire individual attention — or confidentiality in your working arrangement — Monikah hosts occasional VIP private consulting days for qualified applicants in Atlanta and Miami. VIP days begin at $5,000, and several pre-requisites apply. On occasions Monikah may be available to travel for your consultation to New York, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, London, or Sydney. Additional fees apply for travel. Find out more about this unique opportunity by scheduling a complimentary Decision Session.

Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

In every talk, Dr. Monikah combines soulful wisdom with razor sharp business advice based on experience, personal wisdom and know-how, to shake up and wake up every aspect of your business and your life.


Monikah's easy-to-follow program offers a step-by-step strategy to create passion, profits, and purpose for the modern entrepreneur. Get your autographed copy today!